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A Mindset for Creating Your Own Unique Sound

Creating Beats That You Think Are Cool

In beatmaking, it’s important to pursue sounds that you feel are ‘cool’. Don’t get too caught up in popular music styles; trust your musical intuition to create beats. This is the key to producing original and attractive works.

Sometimes Take a Risk

While it’s good to repeat hit productions, occasionally creating new styles or experimental beats can stimulate creativity and promote long-term growth. Unpredictable elements can also attract new fans.

Maintain the Pace

Creating beats at a steady pace every day is important for maintaining and improving your skills. Setting a rhythm, such as making one beat a day, and keeping consistency can sustain creativity.

Pay Attention to Communication

In communication with other musicians and listeners, the choice of words and attitude is crucial. Providing constructive criticism and improvement suggestions, and building cooperative relationships, are essential for your work to be widely accepted.

You Don’t Have to Be Cool Yourself

In beatmaking, you should prioritize what you think is musically cool. The quality of the music you create is what matters. Draw inspiration from everyday life and create original beats.

By applying these points in beat making, you can establish your own style and engage in sustainable creative activities.


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