AI has made it easy to mass-produce beats. So what kind of genre or concept would you use to create songs and albums? That is the question.


In recent years, the use of AI in music production has rapidly advanced, particularly in the field of beat-making. With AI, producers can now easily generate beats in large quantities, allowing for more efficient music creation than ever before.

However, simply being able to mass-produce beats with AI does not necessarily result in good songs or albums. The crucial question is: what genres and concepts will be used to create the music?

The Importance of Genre Selection

When using AI to create beats, the first thing to consider is the genre. There are various genres such as hip-hop, R&B, electronica, and rock, but it’s essential to choose a genre that you excel in or one that aligns with the worldview you want to express.

Once you’ve decided on a genre, it’s important to understand its characteristics and teach the AI to learn those features. For example, with hip-hop, you need to teach the AI about kick and snare rhythm patterns and how to create basslines that are specific to the genre.

Establishing a Concept

Next, establish a concept for the song or album. A concept is the theme or message you want to express through your music. For example, “the loneliness felt amidst the hustle and bustle of the city” or “the beauty of nature and human activity.” It’s crucial to have a specific image in mind.

By setting a concept, the direction of your music-making becomes clear, and the beats generated by the AI will align with that concept. Additionally, selecting songs based on a central concept will give your album a sense of cohesion.

Pursuing Originality

In an era where AI can mass-produce beats, originality becomes more important than ever. Instead of using AI-generated beats as-is, adding your own arrangements or combining them with other sound sources can create a unique sound that stands out.

Moreover, it’s possible to use AI to create entirely new genres and styles. Rather than being confined to existing genre frameworks, the collaboration between AI and human creativity can explore new possibilities in music.


The ability to mass-produce beats with AI has dramatically increased the efficiency of music production. However, to create truly valuable music, genre selection, concept establishment, and the pursuit of originality are essential.

AI is ultimately a tool, and how it is used depends on the human behind it. While leveraging the power of AI, pursuing one’s own expression is the approach that will be required of music producers going forward.

Creating your own unique music while utilizing AI – this is the new way of music production that we must explore. The revolution of AI-generated beats has only just begun.

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