AI is Revolutionizing the Music Industry: From Lyric Writing to Vocal Generation


The utilization of AI technology in the music industry is no longer a thing of the future. It is a transformation that is currently happening in real-time. Particularly, Korean artists have already begun actively incorporating AI into their work. They are training AI with their own voices and using it for lyric writing, singing, and rapping.

AI-Generated Lyrics and Vocals

Artists are feeding their past works and favorite artists’ songs into AI, allowing it to generate highly original lyrics. By training AI with their own voices, artists enable AI to learn their vocal qualities, singing styles, and rap flows, creating vocals that sound as if the artists themselves are singing. Furthermore, by having AI sing in multiple languages, artists can now deliver their music to listeners worldwide.

YouTubers Being Replaced by AI

The use of AI is not limited to the music industry; it is also progressing in the world of YouTubers. Some YouTubers are creating AI versions of themselves by training AI with their voices and movements. This allows AI to create and distribute content on behalf of the YouTubers without their direct appearance in the videos.

Democratization of Music Production

The use of AI lowers the barriers to music production, enabling more people to enter the field. Even those with limited musical knowledge and skills can create their own music using AI. This is expected to lead to a more diverse music industry.

Challenges and Possibilities

On the other hand, there are concerns that the rise of AI may lead to a loss of artists’ uniqueness and creativity. However, AI is ultimately a tool that complements artists’ sensibilities and expressive abilities. It will be crucial for artists to effectively utilize AI while showcasing their own individuality.

The AI-driven transformation of the music industry has already begun. The efforts of Korean artists and YouTubers are just a few examples. In the future, we can expect an era where AI and human artists collaborate to create unprecedented musical experiences. We need to look forward to these changes while keeping an eye on the new possibilities brought about by AI.

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