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Analyzing BeatStars Stats: Is it for Beatmakers or Artists?

I recently took a look at the stats on BeatStars, and something quite interesting caught my eye. As a beat maker, it’s crucial to know how effective the platform is and who is listening to your beats. Surprisingly, the stats show that the majority of the listeners are other beat makers.

Is Beat Maker-to-Beat Maker Listening a Problem?

BeatStars is ostensibly designed to make it easier for artists to find beats. However, if the primary audience turns out to be other beat makers, one can’t help but wonder if there’s an issue here. If the platform is primarily facilitating conversations among beat makers saying “Yo, let’s collab,” then it might not be serving its intended purpose.

The Spam Email Issue

What exacerbates the situation is the possibility that some beat makers are using this platform to send spam emails. If this is the case, then BeatStars isn’t fulfilling its primary role of connecting artists and beat makers effectively.

Is this a Terminal Issue?

Is this a significant issue, or even a “terminal symptom,” that BeatStars is facing? Or is it merely reflecting the changing market and diversity of user behavior? Either way, it’s a point of concern for beat makers.

Considering Other Marketing Avenues

Given this situation, rather than relying solely on BeatStars, alternative marketing and networking platforms might prove to be more effective. Utilizing platforms like YouTube for attracting a wider audience or networking through apps like RapChat and Voloco could offer beat makers a chance to connect with a more diverse range of artists.


While BeatStars continues to be a valuable platform, the reality reflected in its stats raises questions that deserve attention. In the end, a multi-faceted approach to marketing and networking will be key for both beat makers and artists to build mutually beneficial relationships.


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