Avoid Topics Unrelated to Music Creation

In a blog focused on beatmaking, you should concentrate on the processes, equipment used, and exploration of new samples and rhythms. Topics unrelated to beatmaking, like today’s meals or weekend plans, may not interest your readers.

Strengthen Your Branding as a beatmaker

Emphasize the unique characteristics of your beats, your philosophy on music, and your creative process as a beatmaker. This encourages readers who resonate with your sound to become more deeply interested in your work through your blog.

What to Do When You Have Nothing to Write

If you feel you’ve run out of topics, avoid making unnecessary posts and focus on creating new beats. You may discover new content to share with your readers by writing articles related to the progress of your work or new sample discoveries.

Conclusion: Share Your Passion for beatmaking

A blog as a beatmaker is a fantastic platform to share your musical adventures. Focus your content on the processes, challenges, and successes of beatmaking, rather than unrelated topics. By building a consistent brand image, you’ll be able to resonate with more fans.


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