BandCamp VS BeatStars

Beat Selling Site

BandCamp and BeatStars are both platforms that allow artists to sell and distribute their music, but there are some differences between the two.


  • Used by artists of various genres
  • Focuses on selling albums and individual tracks
  • Allows for the sale of physical media (CDs, vinyl, etc.)
  • Higher revenue share for artists (typically over 85%)
  • Robust features for communication with fans


  • Specialized platform for beatmakers and producers
  • Primarily sells leases (temporary usage rights) and exclusives (exclusive usage rights)
  • Allows for custom license settings
  • More opportunities for collaborations with well-known artists
  • Strong marketplace functionality

Overall, BandCamp is better suited for artists across various genres who want to sell their music directly, while BeatStars is more appropriate for beatmakers looking to sell their tracks and connect with other artists. The choice between the two depends on the artist’s goals and needs.

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