BandCamp’s Bulk Edit Not Working? Explaining the Cause and Solution


BandCamp is an incredibly useful platform for independent artists, allowing them to sell their works directly. Particularly, the ‘Bulk Edit’ feature, which allows you to edit multiple tracks or albums at once, is very convenient. However, there are occasions when you might encounter unexpected issues while using the Bulk Edit feature. In this article, I’ll explain the cause of this issue and provide a simple solution.

Problem Overview

One day, I attempted to use the ‘Bulk Edit’ feature on BandCamp to edit multiple tracks at once. However, when I clicked on the Bulk Edit button, I was simply redirected to the top page of my custom domain. At first, I thought it might be a browser issue, so I cleared the cache and restarted the browser, but the situation did not improve.

Contacting Support

As the problem persisted, I reached out to BandCamp’s support team. To my surprise, they mentioned that this issue could occur under certain specific conditions.

Cause and Solution

According to the information provided by the support team, there is a high probability that the Bulk Edit feature may not function properly when using a custom domain.


  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the ‘Bulk Edit’ button and right-click to choose ‘Copy link address.’
  2. Open the copied URL in a new tab or window.
  3. Rewrite the part of the URL that corresponds to your custom domain back to BandCamp’s original domain.
    • Example: (Replace ‘username’ with your own username)

By following these steps, the Bulk Edit feature should work without any issues.


If the ‘Bulk Edit’ button is not working, especially if you’re using a custom domain, try the solution provided above. In any case, this problem can be relatively easily resolved, so go ahead and fully utilize the Bulk Edit feature.


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