Beat Sites: Upload Mastered or Unmastered Beats?

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In the world of beat production, how you bring your finished work to market is a critical decision. Especially when selling on beat sites, there’s a choice between offering your beats as mastered or unmastered. This article explores the pros and cons of each option, helping you make the best decision.

Advantages of Mastered Beats

Mastered beats are provided as a finished product ready for immediate use by the buyer. This process enhances the audio quality, resulting in a more professional finish. Mastering involves leveling the volume, adjusting the frequency balance, and optimizing dynamics, making the final beat sound more polished.

However, mastered beats offer less flexibility for buyers to make adjustments later. If clients want to make fine-tuning for specific projects, mastered beats might lack this flexibility.

Advantages of Unmastered Beats

On the other hand, offering unmastered beats allows maximum flexibility for buyers. In this case, the beat is provided in its ‘raw’ state, and the buyer can customize the beat to fit their specific needs and preferences. This approach is particularly suited to artists or producers who want to add their unique touch to a project.

However, if the buyer lacks mastering skills, there’s a risk of diminished final beat quality. Therefore, when choosing to offer unmastered beats, consider whether your buyers have the necessary skills.


The decision to offer your beats as mastered or unmastered largely depends on the needs of your target audience and your own desire for quality control. For some beat producers, offering both options and letting the customer choose might be the best approach. Ultimately, understanding how your work will be received and used, and selecting the appropriate format accordingly, is crucial.

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