BeatStars Marketplace to Starter: How to Switch from App Store Subscription to Direct Registration

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Hello! Today, I’d like to talk about registering for BeatStars Marketplace. For a long time, it was generally more economical to subscribe to BeatStars Marketplace plans through the App Store. However, recent currency fluctuations have changed this situation.

The Impact of Currency Devaluation

Specifically, the timing of the transition to the Starter Plan on BeatStars Marketplace coincided with a devaluation of the currency, making registration through the App Store more expensive. As the currency devalues, the cost of overseas services increases when converted to your local currency. This is now affecting the cost of registering for BeatStars through the App Store.

Error Message Encountered

So when you try to directly register for the Starter Plan through the BeatStars page, you encounter the following error message:

“Your subscription is a mobile subscription. Please update it only through Google Play / Apple App Store.”

This message appears because you have already subscribed through the App Store, and you can’t directly switch without first canceling that.

How to Switch

Here’s my proposed solution:

  1. Cancel Your App Store Subscription: First, cancel your existing contract on the App Store.
  2. Register the Moment the Contract Ends: As soon as your current subscription ends, immediately register for the Starter Plan on the BeatStars site.

By following these steps, you should be able to register for the new pricing plan.

Points to Note

However, there are some caveats:

  • You may need to check whether you can switch to a new plan immediately after canceling the old one.
  • There may be a temporary period where you cannot access the services.

So, that’s how you can switch to a more economical Starter Plan on BeatStars Marketplace, especially now that App Store registration has become more expensive due to currency devaluation. I hope this is helpful!

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