BeatStars Publishing and IMRO: A Robust Partnership in Music Copyrights

The music industry is ever-evolving, but the management of copyrights remains one of its core elements. Playing pivotal roles in this landscape are BeatStars Publishing and IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation). These two organizations have partnered to ensure that songwriters receive their fair dues.

What is IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation)?

IMRO is short for the Irish Music Rights Organisation, responsible for dealing with copyright matters for Irish and international musical works. They collect copyright fees on behalf of artists, songwriters, and composers and distribute them fairly.

The Role of BeatStars Publishing

BeatStars Publishing offers a myriad of administrative services for songwriters. This includes copyright registration, tracking the usage of songs, and ensuring that all music consumption is accurately collected and distributed as royalties.

The Significance of the Partnership

The collaboration between BeatStars Publishing and IMRO aims to elevate the fair evaluation of musical works and to increase the opportunities for creators to receive compensation that matches their value. Particularly in the modern age where digital media is rapidly growing, such collaboration holds immense value.

Enhanced Administrative Services

This partnership allows BeatStars Publishing to access more markets and platforms through IMRO. Conversely, IMRO is able to take advantage of BeatStars Publishing’s large customer base.

Global Reach

IMRO operates not just in Ireland but across the globe. This global reach is advantageous for BeatStars Publishing as it looks to expand its services to international songwriters and artists.


The securing of fair compensation and recognition in the music industry is further strengthened by the partnership between BeatStars Publishing and IMRO. This partnership can be seen as a powerful step in protecting the copyrights held by songwriters and artists, ensuring they receive accurate remuneration.


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