Big Changes at BeatStars: Starter Plan Now Available for Just $19.99/Year!

Hello everyone! If you’re constantly on the lookout for new information at the intersection of music and business, we have some big news to share about BeatStars. The previous “MarketPlace Plan” has been renamed as the “Starter Plan,” and the price has undergone a dramatic reduction.

The Shocking Price of the Starter Plan

The older MarketPlace Plan used to cost $9.99 per month, but the newly introduced Starter Plan is available for an astonishing $19.99 per year. Yes, you read that right: per year. Moreover, this Starter Plan is only available as an annual plan, offering remarkable cost-effectiveness.

What’s Changed?

Not only has the name changed, but the pricing has also seen a significant overhaul. This raises intriguing questions about the kind of impact this will have. The drastic price reduction makes the Starter Plan a highly attractive option for new users looking to get started with BeatStars.

Changes to the Professional Plan Too

Additionally, the original Pro Page Plan has been renamed as the “Professional Plan.” While this is also drawing attention, the focus of this article is the noteworthy changes to the Starter Plan.

Why This Change?

There could be multiple reasons behind BeatStars adopting this new pricing strategy, including efforts to acquire new users and differentiate themselves from competitors. This new plan is also incredibly appealing for individuals who may have been interested in using BeatStars but found the monthly cost to be a hurdle.

What to Expect Going Forward

With this price change, BeatStars is likely to secure a new user base effectively. Especially for individuals who are considering creating and selling their own beats, this provides a very low-risk entry point.

In Conclusion

This significant new change by BeatStars has the potential to breathe new life into the beat creation and sales market. Whether you’re already a BeatStars user or contemplating joining, it’s worth considering how you can take advantage of this new plan.

Stay tuned for the latest updates in the world of music and business in our next article. Until then, happy creating!


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