Concerns and Hopes for BandCamp as an Artist: From WAV File Respect to Streaming Security

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Recently, I’ve been uploading music to BandCamp, but I’ve started to have some doubts about the way the platform is managed.

First of all, I appreciate that they respect WAV files. I think it’s great to share audio files while maintaining quality. But the problem lies with the streaming files.

Currently, BandCamp doesn’t allow you to add voice tags to streaming files. Why is that? If we could add voice tags, we wouldn’t have to worry about whether our music will be stolen or not.

Not wanting our music to be stolen is a common sentiment for everyone. That’s why I don’t understand why such a feature hasn’t been implemented.

In this situation, I’m tempted to switch to a membership system, where only members can listen to the music. If that gives me even a little sense of security, then maybe it’s the right solution.

BandCamp is a wonderful platform, and many artists share their music there. That’s why I wish they would make small improvements to make the platform more user-friendly and secure.

While it’s great that they respect WAV files, I wish they would also consider the artist’s perspective a little more when it comes to streaming files.

For now, all I can do is continue to use the platform while constantly thinking about how to protect my music, but I hope for improvements in the future.

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