Creating Beats For Yourself

Making beats is fun, isn’t it? Combining drums and synths, exploring new rhythms. But have you ever thought about who you are making them for?

There’s often the pressure to ‘make it for people to listen to’ or ‘have to make it to sell.’ But I want you to pause and think for a moment.

You can make beats just for yourself, and that’s okay. This touches on the core of musical creation.

The joy in making beats doesn’t come from fulfilling someone else’s expectations, but from the process of expressing the rhythm hidden within yourself. You can focus solely on what you feel and what you want to express.

If you ever feel pressured while making beats, try removing those ‘expectations’ from your mind. Making beats for your own enjoyment is wonderful, don’t you think?

Of course, it’s also great to make beats to sell or to be evaluated by others. But that’s not all there is to it. Treasure the joy of bringing to form the rhythms that well up inside you, the things you feel.

Beats are an expression of your own feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Enjoy it freely, create to your heart’s content. Make it not for anyone else, but for yourself. That might be the first step in truly creating music that’s uniquely yours.


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