Creating Rap Beats with AI


In recent years, AI has had a significant impact on the world of music production. Particularly in the creation of rap beats, utilizing generative AI such as Udio and Suno has made it possible to produce beats efficiently and creatively.

Benefits of AI-Assisted Beat Production

  1. Speed
    By utilizing AI, you can generate a wide variety of beat ideas in a short amount of time. Compared to manually creating each pattern, AI offers an unparalleled speed, allowing you to experiment with various variations.
  2. Originality
    By harnessing the unique patterns proposed by AI, you can create beats with unparalleled originality. AI can provide innovative ideas that human imagination alone might not conceive.
  3. Inspiration
    Listening to the beats generated by AI can spark a flood of new ideas. As a creator, your creative drive will be stimulated, enabling you to elevate your own musicality.

Tips for AI-Assisted beatmaking

However, to make the most of AI-assisted beatmaking, setting appropriate prompts is essential. To accurately convey the desired image of the beat to the AI, you need to specify details such as the music genre, tempo, and atmosphere.

Moreover, if the AI-generated beat differs from your vision, it’s crucial to modify the prompt and regenerate. The key to AI-assisted beatmaking lies in repeatedly adjusting prompts and regenerating until a satisfactory beat is obtained.

AI tools are ultimately meant to support production, and the source of creativity remains in the creator’s own sensibilities. Setting prompts and selecting from the generated results require showcasing your own sense and taste.


With the advent of AI, rap beat production has become more accessible. Even beginners can now create professional-level beats by leveraging AI.

However, to fully utilize AI, setting appropriate prompts and selecting from the generated results are crucial. Engaging in dialogue with AI while pursuing your own original beats is the skill required of beatmakers in the future.

Making AI your ally and creating your own unique sound – establishing this new style of beatmaking and sharing it with the world may be the role of creators leading the rap scene in the AI era.

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