Days in Music Production: Simple Ways to Overcome the “I Don’t Want to Do It Today” Feeling

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It’s natural to have days when you feel like, “I don’t want to do it today,” in the midst of daily music production. However, if you have several such days in a row, you might find it difficult to create new songs. Here’s a simple method you can try during such times.

Start New Compositions from Past Projects

On days when you don’t want to push yourself too hard, or when you’re seeking some fresh inspiration, try opening up your past projects in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

  1. Delete Existing MIDI and Audio: Open a past project and delete all MIDI and audio, then save it under a different name.
  2. Set Master Effects and Sound Sources: By doing this, Master Effects are already placed and sound sources are set, but the MIDI and audio tracks will be empty.
  3. Experiment with Drums: At this point, you can just play around with the drums using your MIDI keyboard.

Once you start, even a little, you should gradually find yourself getting into the creative flow. And once you begin creating a song, you likely won’t be able to stop until it’s finished.

Summary: Starting Small in Music Creation

Starting from past projects can be very effective for enjoying the process of creating new songs without forcing yourself. Simply opening the DAW might allow you to feel a new spark of creativity. If you’re looking to make music production a little more enjoyable, please try this method.

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