Disadvantages of Publishing Music on SoundCloud

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SoundCloud is a fantastic platform for artists and music creators to share their music with the world. However, to continuously publish and deliver music to listeners, artists must subscribe to a paid plan, which can be a disadvantage for them.

Limitations of the Free Plan

SoundCloud’s free plan has limitations on the number of tracks that can be uploaded and the number of plays. This prevents artists from sufficiently promoting their music. Additionally, the free plan does not include convenient features such as the ability to download tracks or access detailed statistics.

Necessity of Paid Plans

To continuously publish music and reach a large audience, artists must subscribe to one of SoundCloud’s paid plans. Paid plans remove upload limitations and provide access to useful features like track downloading and detailed statistics. However, the monthly cost of paid plans, ranging from $7 to $15, can be a financial burden for artists.

Comparison with Other Platforms

Compared to SoundCloud, other music platforms like Bandcamp and YouTube allow artists to publish and deliver music to listeners for free. These platforms also enable artists to sell their music and generate revenue. While selling music is possible on SoundCloud, the high commission fees are a significant issue.

Impact on Artists

The requirement to subscribe to a paid plan to continuously publish music on SoundCloud is a substantial burden, especially for unknown artists or those in difficult financial situations. Artists who cannot afford the paid plan fees may find it challenging to continue promoting their music on SoundCloud.

Need for Improvement

SoundCloud needs to make several improvements to become a more user-friendly platform for artists. For example, by relaxing the limitations of the free plan or reducing the cost of paid plans, more artists will be able to use SoundCloud. Additionally, lowering the commission fees for music sales will make it easier for artists to generate revenue on SoundCloud.


While SoundCloud is an attractive platform for music creators, the need to subscribe to a paid plan to continuously publish music can be a disadvantage for artists. The cost of paid plans is a significant burden, particularly for unknown artists or those in challenging financial situations. To encourage more artists to use the platform, SoundCloud needs to make improvements such as relaxing the limitations of the free plan, revising the pricing of paid plans, and reducing commission fees for music sales. By doing so, SoundCloud can become a more appealing and accessible platform for artists.

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