Enjoy Beatmaking Without Being Distracted by Others’ Progress

Beatmaker Mindset

When you step into the world of beatmaking, sometimes you encounter people who progress faster than you. This is true in the world of music as well. We might excel in certain genres or styles, but struggle in others. And the opposite is also true. Seeing the rapid progress of others in areas they excel at can sometimes be disheartening and can lead to a loss of confidence.

However, what’s important here is “not to be disturbed by the progress of others.” This is because the approach and abilities we each have towards music are fundamentally different. You are you. There’s no need to worry about being overtaken by others. What matters is enjoying beatmaking at your own pace.

There might be moments when you feel like “beatmaking is not for me.” But that’s just comparing yourself to others. When this happens, take a deep breath and shake off those negative thoughts. Focusing on the simple fact that “I love beatmaking” is important. Results and success will follow naturally over time.

So, lift your head up, and have confidence in your beats, your music. Your musical journey is unique, different from anyone else’s. Embracing and enjoying that is the essence of beatmaking.

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