Giving Away Beats to Sell Beats: A Counterintuitive Strategy

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When you’re first starting out as a music producer, your instinct is probably to try to sell every beat you make. After all, you want your music to provide income while also getting exposure. However, taking a counterintuitive approach by first giving your beats away for free can actually lead to more beat sales in the long run.

It may sound backwards, but allowing anyone to use your beats non-exclusively at no cost can be a powerful promotional technique. By letting your beats be downloaded and used on YouTube videos, SoundCloud songs, Twitch streams, and more, you increase the chances of them being heard by large audiences. Even if you don’t make money directly from someone using your free beat, you still benefit from the exposure.

As more people hear and engage with your production style through these free beats, you gain fans. And among those fans may be artists willing to pay for exclusive rights or licenses to your beats. Or aspiring artists may want to commission custom beats tailored to their style. By essentially giving away beats as marketing tools first, you lay the groundwork for beat sales soon after.

So even as you build a catalog of beats to sell, consider also having a section of your website or SoundCloud where people can use beats 100% free. Make it easy for your production to spread, while still selling licenses, exclusives, and leases of your best work. Then when interested artists come across your free beats and like your style, they can easily browse paid offerings too.

It’s understandably difficult for producers to let work go for free when we want to monetize our craft. But sometimes you have to give music away on the frontend to make sales on the backend. By allowing more people to get to know and access your production portfolio through free beats, you set yourself up for more beat selling opportunities in the future. Get your music out there so it can work for you!

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