Growth in Beatmaking: Focus on Surpassing ‘Yesterday’s Self’ Rather Than Believing ‘There’s Always Someone Better’

Beatmaker Mindset

Beatmaking is an art form at the heart of music. However, in this creative process, we often fall into unproductive patterns of thought. Notably, the mindset of always believing ‘there’s always someone better’ can negatively impact our creativity and growth.

1. Lack of Self-Satisfaction

Believing ‘there’s always someone better’ can make it hard to feel satisfied with our beats, even if they are exceptional. What might start as humility can gradually imprint a mindset of ‘I’m still not good enough’ in our subconscious. This can lead to a diminished enjoyment in beatmaking and a brake on creativity.

2. Unhealthy Comparison with Others

The statement ‘there’s always someone better’ implies comparing ourselves with others. However, beatmaking is a deeply personal pursuit, where each individual’s background, experiences, and sensibilities differ. Comparing ourselves with others disregards our unique creativity and can hinder self-expression in our work.

Your True Rival: Yesterday’s Self

In beatmaking, the real rival should be ‘yesterday’s self.’ Focusing on improving our skills daily will ultimately lead to higher creativity and satisfaction. Competing against our previous achievements is a powerful motivator for growth and exploration of new musical ideas.


To enhance growth and creativity in beatmaking, it’s crucial to let go of the notion ‘there’s always someone better’ and instead focus on surpassing ‘yesterday’s self.’ Keep an eye on your progress and seek self-satisfaction and creative expression.

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