How can I create a unique style in beatmaking?

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Here are some tips for creating a unique style in beatmaking:

Sound Selection

  • Use unique samples instead of common drum samples
  • Incorporate self-recorded samples
  • Process and manipulate sounds to create original tones

Rhythm Pattern Techniques

  • Avoid standard rhythm patterns and incorporate irregular rhythms
  • Utilize syncopation and polyrhythms
  • Effectively use tempo changes and rhythm switches

Sound Placement and Arrangement

  • Avoid typical sound placement and aim for unexpected arrangements
  • Consider stereo imaging and balance when placing sounds
  • Experiment with the timing of sound appearances and disappearances

Effective Use of Effects

  • Effectively use effects such as filters, delays, and reverbs
  • Fine-tune effect parameters to achieve a distinctive sound
  • Combine effects to create complex and deep sounds

Incorporating Elements from Other Genres

  • Incorporate elements from other music genres to cross genre boundaries
  • Draw inspiration from ethnic music, classical music, and more
  • Analyze the characteristics of your favorite music and reflect them in your beats

Use these tips as a reference and experiment with your own approach. Don’t be afraid to try new things and pursue your own originality. Keep exploring and developing your unique style.

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Born in 1982, he is a Japanese beatmaker and music producer who produces hiphop and rap beats, and also produces and consults music artists. He also researches web marketing strategies for small businesses through music activities and personal blogs. Because he grew up internationally, he understands English. His hobbies are muscle training, photo processing, WordPress customization, K-Pop, web3, NFT. He also loves Korea.

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