How can I create unique beats when using AI for beatmaking?


When using AI for beatmaking, consider the following points to create unique and personalized beats:

1. Customize the settings of AI tools

  • Fine-tune the parameters of the AI tools you use to create sounds that suit your preferences.
  • Don’t just use presets as they are; it’s important to add your own arrangements.

2. Combine other sound sources and samples

  • Try adding your own recorded sound sources or samples to the beats generated by AI.
  • Incorporating live performances or field recordings can help you achieve originality.

3. Experiment with editing and effects

  • Further process the AI-created beats with editing and effects.
  • Utilize filters, distortion, reverb, and other techniques to achieve a unique sound.

4. Focus on creating your own arrangements

  • While using AI-generated beats as a base, decide on the overall arrangement yourself.
  • You can showcase your individuality through the way you develop the song and incorporate breaks.

5. Value your inspiration

  • AI is just a tool. Cherish your own sensibilities and ideas.
  • While being influenced by other artists, it’s important to pursue your own expression.

The key to creating unique beats with AI is to utilize the technology while maintaining your own style. Experiment and create works that overflow with originality!

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