How can I get my music heard more?

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To get more people to listen to your music, there are several strategies and methods you can use. Here are some:

Utilize Online Platforms

  1. Social Media: Promote your work on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  2. Streaming Services: Upload your music to services like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.
  3. YouTube: Share music videos, live performances, and behind-the-scenes content.
  4. Website: Create an official website to share news, releases, and concert dates.


  1. Industry Events: Attend music festivals, seminars, and workshops to broaden your network.
  2. Collaborations: Work with other artists and producers to gain exposure to their fan bases.
  3. Media Exposure: Get featured on music blogs, magazines, and podcasts.

Live Performances

  1. Local Shows: Start with local shows to steadily increase your fan base.
  2. Opening Acts: Play as an opening act for larger events or popular artists.
  3. Street Performances: This is a low-risk way to get new people to listen to your music.

Promotion and Marketing

  1. Press Releases: Send out press releases for new songs, albums, or events.
  2. Mailing Lists: Keep fans updated directly through email.
  3. Ads: Use targeted ads on social media and Google Ads.

Additional Tips

  1. Quality: Most fundamentally, offer high-quality music.
  2. Artwork and Visual Elements: Visuals can often be the initial draw for people to listen to your music.
  3. Storytelling: Make sure you effectively convey the message or story behind yourself and your music.

It’s important to take a multifaceted approach and brand yourself effectively. Each method takes time and effort, but consistency can yield significant results.

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Born in 1982, he is a Japanese beatmaker and music producer who produces hiphop and rap beats, and also produces and consults music artists. He also researches web marketing strategies for small businesses through music activities and personal blogs. Because he grew up internationally, he understands English. His hobbies are muscle training, photo processing, WordPress customization, K-Pop, web3, NFT. He also loves Korea.

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