How can I reliably increase the number of plays for my songs on SoundCloud?


How can I reliably increase the number of plays for my songs on SoundCloud?


Increasing your play count on SoundCloud requires a multifaceted approach, but the foundation is always high-quality content. Here are some methods you might consider:

Produce High-Quality Content

  • This is the most basic point, but if you make good music, people will naturally want to share it.

Tagging and Description

  • Add appropriate tags and a detailed description to your track to make it more discoverable in search results.


  • Visuals matter. Create compelling artwork for your tracks to attract more listeners.

Social Media Integration

  • Promote your SoundCloud tracks on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to attract a broader audience.

Promotion and Advertising

  • Consider using SoundCloud’s promotional features or even external advertising to increase visibility and plays.

Community Engagement

  • Participate in SoundCloud communities and forums, interact with other artists and listeners, and create a sense of community around your music.


  • Collaborate with other artists. Their followers can become your followers, and vice versa.

Review and Feedback

  • Take reviews and feedback seriously, and be prepared to iterate on your work based on public reception.

Consistent Uploads

  • Keep your content fresh. Uploading new tracks on a consistent basis can keep your current listeners engaged and attract new ones.

Get Added to Playlists

  • Encourage fans or influencers to add your songs to their playlists. This can dramatically increase the number of plays you receive.

Shares by Influencers

  • If you can get an influencer or a well-known individual in the music industry to share your track, it can significantly boost your play count.

Each of these methods requires time and effort, and what works best can vary from artist to artist. The key is a multi-pronged approach and sustained effort.


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