How Struggling Rappers Can Succeed: Creating Unique Tracks with Generative AI


The music industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies emerging all the time. Among these, generative AI (artificial intelligence) is particularly noteworthy. By leveraging generative AI, even struggling rappers can create unique tracks and expand their opportunities. This article will delve into how tools like Suno and Udio can be used to craft original songs and pave the way to success.

1. What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to technology that uses artificial intelligence to create new content. In the realm of music, it can generate melodies, beats, and lyrics automatically. This provides artists with a powerful tool to bring their ideas to life.

2. Introduction to Suno and Udio


Suno is a music-generating AI that excels in creating professional-quality beats and lyrics. Users can easily generate high-quality beats and lyrics with minimal effort, saving significant time and energy. It is particularly effective in the rap and hip-hop genres.


Udio is another AI tool capable of generating professional beats and lyrics. It supports rappers in creating beats and lyrics that match their style. With Udio, even when inspiration is lacking, high-quality beats and lyrics can be generated quickly.

3. Steps to Creating Music with Generative AI

Step 1: Discovering Ideas

First, clarify what kind of song you want to create. Consider the theme, message, and style of the beat. At this stage, it can be helpful to reference other artists’ songs.

Step 2: Generating Beats

Next, use Suno or Udio to generate beats. These tools have intuitive interfaces that are easy to use, even for beginners. Adjust the tempo and mood of the beat to match your style.

Step 3: Generating Lyrics

Once the beat is ready, use Suno or Udio to generate lyrics. By inputting themes or keywords, these AIs can suggest lyrics based on your input. Fine-tune the generated lyrics to align with your style, adding originality.

Step 4: Recording and Editing

With the beat and lyrics in place, the next step is recording. Here, you have three options: recording your own voice, having the AI sing, or recreating the AI-generated vocals yourself.

  1. Recording Your Own Voice:
    Set up a simple home recording environment with a microphone and audio interface. After recording, use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to edit and enhance the sound quality.
  2. Having the AI Sing:
    Use AI vocal generation tools to have the AI sing your lyrics. This allows for professional-quality vocals to be generated quickly.
  3. Recreating AI-Generated Vocals:
    First, have the AI sing the lyrics, then use the AI-generated vocals as a reference to record your own version. This method allows you to maintain originality while achieving high-quality vocals.

4. Benefits of Using Generative AI

Saving Time and Costs

Using generative AI eliminates the need to create beats and lyrics from scratch, saving significant time and costs.

Enhancing Creativity

AI-generated ideas can sometimes be innovative and unexpected, allowing you to experiment with new styles and approaches, thereby enhancing creativity.

Professional Quality

Generative AI can produce professional-quality beats and lyrics, enabling even beginners to create high-quality tracks.

5. Promotion Strategies Using Generative AI

Leveraging Social Media

Share the tracks created with generative AI on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to spread your music.


Collaborate with other artists to reach a wider audience. Generative AI allows for quick creation of tracks, facilitating collaboration.

Live Performances

Performing the tracks created with generative AI live can deepen connections with fans. Combining live performances with online promotion can effectively spread your music.

6. Conclusion

By leveraging generative AI, struggling rappers can create unique tracks and expand their opportunities. Tools like Suno and Udio allow for the creation of professional-quality music while saving time and costs. Additionally, social media, collaborations, and live performances can help spread your music. Utilize generative AI effectively and aim for success in the music industry.

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