How to Become an AI Beatmaker – The Era When Anyone Can Easily Start Making Beats Using Music Generation AI


In recent years, the use of AI in the field of music production has been rapidly advancing.One area that has been gaining particular attention is AI-assisted beatmaking. With the help of AI, even those with little knowledge or experience in music production can now easily create original beats.

To become an AI beatmaker, the first step is to sign up for a music generation AI service. Some popular services include Suno and Udio.

These services allow users to specify the desired image of the music they want to generate through prompts, and the AI automatically generates beats accordingly.

The advantage of AI-assisted beatmaking is that it is easy for beginners to get started.Even without complex knowledge of music theory, users can create songs through intuitive operations.

Furthermore, by using features such as “AI mastering” available on platforms like Bandlab, it is possible to achieve a more polished sound.

However, using AI alone does not immediately result in professional-level music. It is important to learn from AI while honing your own sense of style.

By referencing the works of other beatmakers and learning the tricks of prompting, you can establish your own unique style.

The advancement of AI has significantly lowered the barrier to entry for music production. Why not take your first step as an AI beatmaker by utilizing music generation AI services like Suno and Udio?

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