How to fade out or trim a song that doesn’t end in Suno


Here are some ways to naturally end a song created with Suno:

  1. Use specific meta tags in the lyrics
    By adding meta tags like [Outro] or [End] before the lyrics, similar to [Verse] or [Chorus], you can specify how the song should end.
  2. Repeatedly use “Extend” to generate a continuation
    From the “…” menu of the song, choose “Extend” to generate a continuation. Repeating this process may eventually lead to a naturally ending section being generated.
  3. Use “Get Whole Song” to connect the parts
    Select the best continuation from the ones generated using “Extend” and connect it with the original song using “Get Whole Song” to create a full version of the song.
  4. Trim the song
    Currently, Suno does not seem to have a trimming feature, but it is possible to manually trim the generated audio file using audio editing apps.

Try these methods and see what works best for you. Using meta tags seems to be particularly effective. If it still doesn’t work well, consider sending feedback to the developers.

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