How to Make AI Beatmaking a Daily Habit

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The advancement of AI has brought significant changes to the world of music production. Particularly in the field of beatmaking, utilizing AI has made efficient and creative production possible. Here, we introduce ways to make AI beatmaking a daily habit.

1. Choose the right AI beatmaking tool

First, choose an AI beatmaking tool that suits your needs. Currently, many AI beatmakers are available. Compare factors such as ease of use, features, and price to find the tool that’s best for you.

2. Set daily goals

To establish a daily habit, it’s important to set daily goals. For example, create one beat per day, or spend 30 minutes making beats using AI. Set goals that work for you.

3. Find inspiration

When creating beats with AI, it’s crucial to expose yourself to various genres and music to gain inspiration. Listen to your favorite artists’ songs or challenge yourself with new genres to stimulate your creativity.

4. Enjoy experimentation and exploration

The essence of AI beatmaking lies in experimentation and exploration. Instead of using the beats generated by AI as is, add your own arrangements or try new combinations to create unique beats.

5. Get feedback

It’s also important to share the beats you create with friends or communities to get feedback. Listening to others’ opinions can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, leading to further growth.By utilizing AI, it’s entirely possible to make beatmaking a daily habit. By choosing the right tools, setting goals, finding inspiration, enjoying experimentation and exploration, and getting feedback, you too can immerse yourself in the world of AI beatmaking. So, why not start AI beatmaking today?

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