How to Set Up a Custom Domain with BandCamp Pro

BandCamp is a fantastic platform for musicians and artists to sell or distribute their own music. BandCamp Pro offers even more customization options, and one feature we’ll cover today is how to set up a custom domain.

Essential Changes

1. Changing the Plain A Record

First, find the plain A record in your DNS settings, which usually follows your domain name and is indicated by an ‘@’. Change this record’s IP address from the one provided by your hosting service (like to BandCamp’s designated

2. Modifying the ‘www’ A Record and CNAME

Next, remove the A record for ‘www’. Then, add a new CNAME record and set its value to

Save Your Changes

After making these changes, don’t forget to save your settings.

Waiting for DNS Propagation

It usually takes over an hour for DNS changes to propagate. Until they do, you might experience issues or see the old settings, so please be patient.

Additional Notes

Point 1: Check Your MX Records

If your email settings depend on the plain A record, changing this might disrupt your email service. In that case, you’ll need to redirect your MX records (Mail Exchange Records) to an address specified by your email service, such as

And that sums up the basic steps for setting up a custom domain with BandCamp Pro.