I made a beat with AI. What should i do with it?


Congratulations on creating a beat with AI! That’s exciting! Now, let’s explore some ideas on what you can do with your AI-generated beat:

  1. Collaborate with an artist: Reach out to a rapper, singer, or musician who might be interested in working with your beat. You can offer it to them for free or discuss a collaboration deal.
  2. Upload it to music platforms: Share your beat on music streaming platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Audiomack, or BeatStars. This can help you gain exposure and attract potential collaborators.
  3. Sell it to a music producer or artist: Offer your beat for sale to producers or artists looking for new material. You can use online marketplaces like BeatStars, Airbit, or SoundClick to showcase your beat.
  4. Create a YouTube video: Upload a video featuring your beat, and add visuals like animations, lyrics, or music-inspired visuals. This can help you gain traction on YouTube and attract new listeners.
  5. Use it in a video project: If you have video editing skills, create a video showcasing your beat. You can use it as background music for a vlog, a short film, or a promotional video.
  6. Share it with music bloggers or influencers: Reach out to music bloggers, influencers, or tastemakers in your genre and share your beat with them. They might feature it on their platforms, exposing your work to a larger audience.
  7. Enter music production contests: Look for online contests or competitions where you can submit your beat. This can help you gain recognition, feedback, and potentially, new opportunities.
  8. Create a remix or a new version: Experiment with your beat, and create a remix or a new version with a different style or genre. This can help you develop your production skills and create more content.
  9. Use it as a demo: If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a music producer, use your AI-generated beat as a demo to showcase your skills to potential clients or collaborators.
  10. Keep creating and experimenting: Don’t stop at one beat! Continue exploring the capabilities of AI music generation, and experiment with different styles, genres, and techniques.

Remember to always follow the terms of service and licensing agreements for any AI music generation tools you used to create your beat. Ensure you have the necessary rights to distribute and monetize your work.

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