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I understand that by utilizing AI in music production, the process can be made incredibly efficient. However, I struggle with the lack of feeling that ‘I did it myself,’ the sense of satisfaction, and the feeling of being useful. What do you think I should do about this?

The lack of feeling like you’ve “done it yourself,” satisfaction, and a sense of usefulness when using AI for music production is a concern shared by many creators. However, there are several ways to effectively utilize AI while maintaining and enhancing these feelings.

  1. Use AI as an Assistant: Instead of allowing AI to fully create music on its own, use it as an assistant. For instance, you can have AI suggest a melody or rhythm and then arrange it yourself.
  2. Mix Processes: Combine parts generated by AI with those you’ve created manually, preserving uniqueness and originality.
  3. Customize AI Training Data: Adjust the AI’s training data or parameters to align with your personal style, ensuring the music output feels more like “you.”
  4. Enjoy the Process: It’s essential to enjoy the music-making process itself. Using AI can provide a journey of exploring new possibilities and ideas.
  5. Adopt a Learning Attitude: Use AI’s output as a reference to elevate your musical knowledge and sense. Engaging with AI can expose you to novel chord progressions or rhythmic patterns.
  6. Focus on Other Creative Aspects: By delegating certain tasks to AI, you can invest more time and energy into other areas (e.g., lyrics, visual art, music video production).

It’s crucial to see AI as just one of many tools and to find ways to express your creativity and identity to the fullest using that tool.


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