I want to sell beats, but I also want to make various kinds of music.

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I understand that consistency is important to make a living by selling beats, but I also have the desire to create various kinds of experimental music. What should I do?

To make a living by selling beats, it’s important to maintain consistency. However, I understand that you also want to create various types of experimental music.

In that case, you could try the following:

  • Continue to create consistent beats in your favorite music genre or style.
  • Hone your music production skills to create better beats.
  • Interact with other beatmakers and artists to learn new ideas.
  • Look for opportunities to sell your beats online or perform at events. By trying these methods, you can increase your chances of succeeding in selling beats.

Additionally, incorporating experimental elements into your music production could also be a shortcut to success. By trying new ideas and exploring your own music style, you can differentiate yourself from other artists.

However, experimental music comes with the risk that the audience may not accept it. Therefore, when creating experimental music, it’s important to carefully consider your music production skills and the response from the audience.

Making a living by selling beats is not easy, but if you have the effort and passion, you might be able to realize your dream. Good luck.

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