I’m a beatmaker. Please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of using different artist names.

Beatmaker Marketing

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using multiple artist names as a beatmaker:


  1. Expressing diversity
    • By releasing works with different genres or musical styles under separate artist names, you can express diversity without confusing your audience.
  2. Risk diversification
    • Using multiple aliases can help spread the risk if a particular release is poorly received, compared to working under a single artist name.
  3. Collaboration opportunities
    • Using a different artist name may make it easier to collaborate with other artists in some cases.


  1. Dilution of popularity
    • Working under multiple artist names can dilute the popularity of each one, making it harder to build overall recognition.
  2. Management effort
    • Managing multiple artist names requires more effort, such as separate promotion and social media management for each one.
  3. Fan confusion
    • Some fans may not realize that the same person is behind multiple artist names, leading to confusion.

Overall, the decision to use multiple artist names should consider factors such as differences in musical style, activity policy, and target audience. If you can express diversity under a single artist name, there may be no need to separate them. However, if you want to release works with clearly different concepts, using separate aliases can help convey a clearer message to your audience.

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