I’m making a mixtape out of AI generated beats. There’s one song that doesn’t quite fit the mixtape’s concept, but I love this song. What do you think I should do?


I’m making a mixtape. There’s one song that doesn’t quite fit the mixtape’s concept, but I love this song. What do you think I should do?

When creating a mixtape, it can be a difficult decision whether to include a song that doesn’t quite fit the concept, especially if it’s a song you truly love. However, if you really adore that song, consider trying the following approaches:

Slightly Expand the Concept

Try to interpret the mixtape’s concept a bit more flexibly, adjusting it to include the song. For example, if the concept is “summer memories,” you could reflect on a special summer memory associated with that song and find a way to incorporate it.

Strategically Arrange the Song

Consider strategically placing the song, such as putting it at the end of the mixtape. Even if the song differs from the overall concept, it might hold a special meaning within the flow of the entire mixtape.

Create a Separate Mixtape

Consider creating a separate mixtape specifically for that song. For example, you could make a mixtape with a concept like “favorite songs” or “memorable tunes” and build it around that particular track.

Omit the Song

If you ultimately decide to prioritize the mixtape’s concept, you may choose to leave the song out. However, find another way to cherish your attachment to that song and enjoy it in a different context.

Creating a mixtape is a wonderful opportunity to express your sensibility and creativity. It’s natural to feel conflicted about including a song you love, but approach it with flexibility and create a mixtape that truly represents you. May it become a delightful musical experience!

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