In 2023, how are people consuming music?

In 2023, music streaming services are more popular than ever, and many platforms are upgrading their services. The best music streaming platforms include Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, and Pandora. These platforms offer a wide range of music libraries, music discovery features, subscription benefits, and discount plans. Some platforms even offer sound quality comparable to vinyl.

In addition to music streaming services, people are discovering new music by exploring emerging artists and finding new favorites. There are many ways to discover new music, such as human-curated playlists, artist pages, and radio stations. Some platforms also offer exclusive original content and live shows.

Listening habits vary by age group; younger listeners spend more time listening to music on music streaming platforms and watching music videos on short-form platforms like TikTok. On the other hand, older listeners spend a significant amount of time listening to broadcast radio, satellite radio, CDs, downloads, podcasts, and even vinyl.

Despite the popularity of music streaming services, some listeners still prefer physical formats like CDs and vinyl records. In 2021, there may have been an unprecedented increase in sales of CDs and vinyl records.

Overall, music consumption in 2023 is diverse and rich in variety, and people are discovering new music through various platforms and formats.

So, would you say platforms like Bandcamp are outdated?

No, I wouldn’t say that platforms like Bandcamp are outdated. In fact, I believe they are more important now than ever. With the rise of streaming services, it has become more challenging for independent artists to get their music heard. Bandcamp provides a platform for artists to sell their music directly to fans and offers fans an opportunity to support their favorite artists in a more meaningful way.

Furthermore, Bandcamp is an excellent way to discover new music. The site offers a variety of music across different genres and styles, making it easy to find new artists you won’t hear anywhere else.

So, even though streaming services are convenient, I still believe platforms like Bandcamp are indispensable for the music industry. They offer independent artists a way to make a living, provide fans a way to support their favorite artists, and offer a chance to discover new music.

Here are some benefits of using Bandcamp:

  • Artists can make more money from their sales.
  • Fans can directly support their favorite artists.
  • Bandcamp offers a variety of music genres and styles.
  • Bandcamp is an excellent way to discover new music.

If you’re a music fan, consider checking out Bandcamp. It’s an ideal way to support independent artists and discover new music.


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