In the Age of Generative AI: Is The Beat Selling Business Becoming Obsolete?


Music and technology have always shared an intimate relationship, evolving from analog to digital, and now, we find ourselves entering the era of Generative AI. The crucial inquiry at this juncture revolves around how music creation processes and business are changing and what this implies for artists, producers, and the music industry at large.

Generative AI, especially in music creation, opens a pathway for anyone to create original music and beats with ease. A skill once considered specialized, creating beats and tracks, is now accessible to those without professional skills or experience through the utilization of AI technologies.

So, what does this technological evolution mean for the business of selling beats?

Generative AI and beatmaking

With generative AI, users can produce personalized music in a matter of moments. AI, understanding musical theory and structure, can generate new music based on specified parameters. This proves ideal for rapidly prototyping beats and melodies, accelerating the process of actualizing ideas.

In this context, what becomes of the traditional beat-selling business model?

The Shift in Beat Selling Business

Producers selling beats might find it challenging to sell in conventional ways as individual artists utilize AI to easily create their own. However, the key here is “creativity and originality.” While AI can generate certain types of music, it cannot entirely emulate human sensibility and creativity.

Thus, beat producers can provide new value by collaborating with AI. They can add originality and artistry on top of AI-generated beats, expressing their unique style and emotions.

Adapting to New Business Models

Out with the old, in with the new. To ride the wave of change, beatmakers might need to update their business models. They could consider providing new services and values, such as:

  • AI Collaboration: Producers can offer services to create original content by adding their touch to AI-generated beats.
  • Custom Creation: Based on options provided by AI, develop fully custom-made beats based on the artist’s requirements.
  • Education and Consulting: Producers can teach the usage of music-generating AI and provide consulting to artists and other producers.
  • Selling Sample Packs and Presets: Producers can sell original samples and presets generated by AI, aiding other creators in building their works upon them.

In conclusion, no matter how much music-generating AI evolves, music is ultimately tied to emotion. No matter how advanced technology becomes, creating music with a unique sensibility and emotion will continue to be a vital role for producers and artists.

In sum, while the business of selling beats may not disappear, adaptation and evolution are necessary to ride the wave of the new era. Finding new business models and methods where artists and producers collaborate and enhance each other’s value might be the next step forward.

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