In the End, Persistence Wins in Beatmaking

In beatmaking, just like in any other skill, some people progress quickly while others do not. However, slow progress doesn’t mean you should give up. Skills in beatmaking can also suddenly improve, triggered by specific cues.

For example, someone who’s been diligently working on their music but not seeing much improvement might go on a trip and take a break from music, only to return with fresh ideas and inspirations, leading to a significant improvement in their beats. This could be because they were perhaps too focused on music production and the break provided a much-needed rest for their creativity.

Likewise, a beatmaker who always practiced restraint might have an impromptu session with friends, enjoying music freely and discovering new styles and rhythms. This experience could profoundly influence their subsequent productions. This could be a case of being too rigid in their style, and the new experience stimulated their creativity.

Therefore, just because your beatmaking skills aren’t improving rapidly, it doesn’t mean they never will. What’s important is to keep at it and occasionally seek new stimuli, whether that’s going on a trip, experimenting with a new genre, or trying different production techniques. It’s common in beatmaking to gain ‘insights’ from such experiences.

So, never give up on beatmaking. A new inspiration could lead you to your next big breakthrough.


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