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Is there a blue ocean in music production these days?


Is there a blue ocean in music production these days?


Finding a “blue ocean” in music production can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. A “blue ocean strategy” refers to creating a new market where there’s little to no competition. Although the music industry is generally considered to be saturated, there’s room for innovation through unique approaches and new technologies.

Here are some ideas for considering a blue ocean strategy in music production:

  1. Genre Fusion: Instead of sticking to existing genres, create a new style by blending elements from different genres or cultures.
  2. Technology Integration: Use new technologies like AI, VR, and AR to offer a novel experience in music production or performance.
  3. Social Messages: Explore social themes or messages that haven’t been widely covered in the music industry.
  4. Local Elements: Introduce lesser-known regional music or cultural elements to a global audience.
  5. Cross-Industry Collaboration: Partner with individuals or companies from different sectors to bring new perspectives or skill sets into your music.
  6. Fan-Participation Projects: Create platforms that allow fans or the general public to participate in the music-making process.
  7. Multimedia Experiences: Provide a comprehensive experience that combines music with visual art, storytelling, and interactive elements.
  8. Subscription Models: Instead of traditional album or single sales, offer ongoing value through a subscription model.
  9. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens): Use NFTs as a new way to sell your music as digital art.
  10. Online Communities: Build unique culture and value by engaging in direct communication with fans through online platforms.

It’s essential to remember that for a blue ocean strategy to be successful, it must not only be new but also accepted by the market. Therefore, market research and testing are crucial when developing and executing your strategy.


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