Letting Go of Perfectionism: Smart Use of Generative AI Tools


In recent years, generative AI tools like Suno and Udio have gained significant attention in the music production industry. These tools are incredibly convenient for creators, allowing them to generate high-quality music in a short amount of time. However, the pursuit of perfection can lead to repeated attempts and excessive use of credits, which can be counterproductive. This article explores the importance of letting go of perfectionism and how it impacts mental health, physical health, and spending habits.

The Trap of Perfectionism

Impact on Mental Health

Perfectionism often leads to stress and anxiety as one constantly strives for the best possible outcome. When using generative AI tools, repeated attempts can lower self-esteem and result in a lack of satisfaction. Over time, this can make the creative process itself feel burdensome and less enjoyable.

Impact on Physical Health

Poor mental health can also affect physical health. Stress and anxiety can lead to sleep deprivation, loss of appetite, and even a weakened immune system. When using generative AI tools, it’s crucial to take adequate breaks and avoid overexertion.

Impact on Spending Habits

Generative AI tools often operate on a credit system, and repeated attempts can lead to unnecessary consumption of credits. This can become a financial burden, affecting other important expenditures. Seeking perfection at the cost of increased spending is counterproductive.

Tips for Letting Go of Perfectionism

1. Set Clear Goals

First, clarify what you want to achieve. Instead of striving for a perfect piece, set realistic goals to reduce unnecessary retries.

2. Celebrate Small Successes

Building self-esteem through small successes is essential. Even if the work created with generative AI tools isn’t perfect, find the good points and celebrate them.

3. Set Limits

When using generative AI tools, set limits on the number of retries and the amount of credits used. This helps prevent unnecessary consumption and allows for more efficient work.

4. Take Breaks

Taking adequate breaks helps maintain mental and physical health. Continuing to work in a tired state can reduce efficiency and lead to more retries.


Generative AI tools are incredibly useful, but falling into the trap of perfectionism can negatively impact mental health, physical health, and spending habits. By letting go of perfectionism, setting realistic goals, celebrating small successes, and taking adequate breaks, you can continue a healthier creative process. Use generative AI tools wisely to prevent unnecessary consumption and enjoy the music production process.

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