Making Beats with AI: Digging for the Coolest Sounds Like a DJ


The advancement of AI has brought about significant changes in the world of music production. Particularly in the field of beatmaking, utilizing AI has enabled producers to generate sounds with endless possibilities, much like a DJ digging through records to find the perfect track.

The Allure of AI beatmaking

The greatest appeal of AI beatmaking lies in the process of exploration. Just as a DJ spends hours in a record shop searching for the best tracks, discovering unique sounds from countless possibilities brings joy when generating beats using AI.AI can create beats in various genres and styles based on vast databases. This allows producers to fully express their creativity while incorporating new ideas, resulting in the creation of highly original works.

The Excitement of Trial and Error

AI beatmaking is a continuous process of trial and error. Sometimes you may encounter unexpected sounds, while other times, the results may differ from what you had hoped for. However, this process itself stimulates creativity and provides new inspiration.Just as a DJ expands their musical horizons by encountering works from various genres and artists while digging for records, unexpected discoveries and encounters in AI beatmaking promote growth as a producer.


Making beats with AI is truly like a DJ’s journey in pursuit of the coolest sounds. By harnessing the power of AI and its infinite possibilities, why not experience the joy of creating your own original beats? It’s sure to open new doors in your music production journey.

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