My Impressions of Using Udio and Suno – A Comparative Review of Music Generation AI

Music Diary

1. Introduction

Recently, I became interested in music generation AI and tried two services called Udio and Suno. My main purpose was to find AI tools that would be useful for music production and to compare the features of each AI.

2. Features of Suno

The biggest feature of Suno is that it can mass-produce songs of a stable B-level quality. The operation method is also simple, and you can enjoy music production immediately. However, it seems difficult to generate songs of higher quality than B+. With Suno, all songs turn out to be listenable to some extent. However, all songs give a similar impression, and there are few songs that leave a special impression. I think Suno is a recommended service for those who want to easily experience music production.

3. Features of Udio

On the other hand, Udio is a slightly quirky service. Songs of C or D level quality are often generated, but occasionally outstanding songs of A or A+ level are generated, which surprises me. For example, let’s say you generate 10 times with Udio. Then, about 8 out of 10 times, songs of not-so-good quality will be generated, but about once you will encounter a good song at a level where you think, “This might be usable!” and the remaining one time, a truly moving A+ level masterpiece will be generated. However, it takes patience and trial and error to find good songs. Udio is recommended for those who enjoy creating elaborate works.

4. How to use the two AIs

Since Udio and Suno have different characteristics, it is best to use them well according to the situation. When you want to enjoy music casually or want songs at the level of background music, it is recommended to use Suno. It will generate relatively high-quality songs quickly. On the other hand, when you want to make good songs carefully or create elaborate works, it is better to use Udio. If you persistently repeat the generation, you will surely encounter good songs that resonate with your heart.

5. Conclusion

By using Udio and Suno, I felt the current state and potential of music generation AI. Each has its pros and cons, but if used well, they will surely be a powerful help in music production. In the future, music generation AI will evolve further. I look forward to the day when higher quality songs can be generated more easily. I encourage all music lovers to try various music generation AIs.

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