My music career isn’t progressing as expeced. What should I do?

When your music career isn’t progressing as expected, it’s a common challenge faced by many musicians. Here are some steps you might consider to help improve the situation:

  1. Reevaluate Your Goals: Consider whether your current goals are realistic or if they need adjustment. Setting smaller, achievable goals can help build confidence.
  2. Seek Feedback: Get feedback from trusted peers or mentors to gain new perspectives on your music or approach.
  3. Learn New Skills: Expanding your skill set by learning how to play a new instrument, music theory, recording techniques, etc., can lead to new creative ideas.
  4. Expand Your Network: Building relationships with other musicians and industry professionals can open up new opportunities and ideas.
  5. Maintain Your Health: Physical and mental health are crucial. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, nutrition, exercise, and taking time for stress management.
  6. Revise Your Marketing Strategy: Reevaluate how you’re promoting your music, such as your use of social media or your strategy for live events.
  7. Try New Creative Processes: Changing up your songwriting process can spark new inspiration. This might include experimenting with different music genres or collaborating with others.
  8. Redefine Success: Success means different things to different people. Consider what success means to you and plan your steps towards achieving it.
  9. Take a Break: Sometimes, stepping back and taking a break is necessary. Time away from music can provide new energy and perspectives.
  10. Build Sustainable Habits: To continue your music career over the long term, it’s important to develop healthy and sustainable habits. Manage your practice schedule and persistently work towards your goals.

Through these steps, you can inject new life into your musical endeavors. It’s also important to have the courage to focus on what’s most important to you and pursue it.