One good way to build a beat selling site with WordPress

As the digitalization of music production advances, the demand for online beat sales by beatmakers and producers is increasing. WordPress is a popular choice among creators for setting up sales sites due to its ease of use. However, adding music sales-specific functionalities can be challenging with WordPress’s standard features alone.

This is where the solutions offered by come into play.

Licenses & Contracts for WooCommerce by

The standout feature of this plugin is its ability to automatically send an email to buyers with a link to the contract upon the sale of a beat. Handling rights and copyright issues is a critical aspect of beat sales. Establishing clear contracts with buyers is essential to prevent disputes in the future. Typically, this process involves a lot of manual work and time. However, by utilizing Licenses & Contracts for WooCommerce, this process is automated, allowing beatmakers to spend more time on their creative endeavors.

BeatStore WordPress Plugin

Another challenge in online beat sales is the presentation of the products. Typically, each beat would require its own page when using WordPress and WooCommerce, which is inefficient for buyers looking to compare and sample multiple beats. The BeatStore WordPress Plugin offers a solution to this problem. By using this plugin, all beats can be consolidated into a single music player, streamlining the process from sampling to purchase. This not only significantly improves the user experience but also shortens the path to purchase, potentially increasing sales.


When building a beat selling website with WordPress, the solutions offered by can be of great assistance. Licenses & Contracts for WooCommerce automates the sales process, while the BeatStore WordPress Plugin enhances the user experience. These tools reduce the administrative burden on beatmakers, allowing them to focus more on their creative work. If you’re considering setting up a beat selling site,’s solutions are definitely worth exploring.