People who say they use AI in art and music creations, those who hide it, what’s the difference?

When it comes to utilizing AI in art and music, there are creators who openly declare their use of AI and those who choose to hide it. The differences between these groups might be rooted in the following factors:

  1. Philosophical & Ethical Stance: Some creators openly declare their use of AI in an effort to spur new discussions and perceptions about the fusion of technology and art. In contrast, those who hide might aim to retain the value associated with traditional techniques and skills, or perhaps to avoid potential biases from the audience.
  2. Market Demands: Consumers of art and music may alter their evaluation of a piece if they know AI was involved in its creation. Publicly declaring the use of AI can be a unique selling point but might also risk alienating consumers who favor traditional methods.
  3. Attitude Toward Technological Advancement: Those who embrace the evolution of AI and its potentials might be more open about its utilization. On the other hand, individuals who feel that AI’s involvement might overshadow ‘true’ creativity might prefer to hide its use.
  4. Authenticity of the Work: Some artists may want a clear distinction between what’s created by their hand versus by AI. Thus, by openly declaring or hiding the use of AI, they can emphasize the authenticity or originality of their work.

Ultimately, whether an artist chooses to disclose or conceal their use of AI is likely determined by personal choice, values, and objectives.


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