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Play Counts and Monetization on SoundCloud: The Difference Between Direct Uploads and Via BeatStars Distribution


SoundCloud offers an accessible platform for artists to share their music, but there are choices within this service for how to upload your tracks. One method is to upload your music directly to SoundCloud yourself. The other is to do so via BeatStars Distribution. This article focuses on the differences in play counts and monetization between these two options.

The Difference in Play Counts

There’s often a significant discrepancy in play counts between music uploaded directly to SoundCloud and those uploaded through BeatStars Distribution. More often than not, tracks uploaded directly tend to garner more plays.

The Challenge of Monetization

While BeatStars Distribution allows for monetization, the relatively low play counts can make the actual revenue minimal, calling into question the effectiveness of monetizing through this avenue.

The Issue of Transparency

When you upload music to SoundCloud through BeatStars Distribution, the details about how much revenue you’re generating remain unclear. This lack of transparency creates a lingering question and a sense of insecurity for artists.

The Changing Relationship with SoundCloud

If you switch to other distribution services like Soundrop, there’s a possibility that your music will no longer be automatically uploaded to SoundCloud, potentially reducing your activity on the platform.

The Resistance Toward SoundCloud Next Pro

Joining SoundCloud Next Pro could potentially solve some of these issues, but for some reason, this option does not appeal to everyone.


There are two ways to upload your music to SoundCloud: directly by yourself or through BeatStars Distribution. Each has its pros and cons, particularly when it comes to play counts and monetization. Artists should understand these differences thoroughly to choose the method that best suits their needs.


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