Please tell me about the forms of beat sales on BeatStars.

There are several types of sales formats for beats on BeatStars:

Non-Exclusive License: In this format, multiple artists can purchase the same beat. Producers can sell the same beat multiple times. Non-exclusive licenses typically come with conditions like limits on the number of uses, streaming numbers, and revenue caps.

Exclusive License: Purchasing an exclusive license means the beat becomes exclusive to that buyer, and no other artists can purchase that beat. Prices for exclusive licenses are usually higher than for non-exclusive ones.

Free Download: Some producers offer beats for free, often for marketing purposes. These are usually limited to non-commercial use, and a separate license needs to be purchased for commercial use.

Custom Beats: Artists can also commission producers to create beats tailored to their specific needs. This is usually more expensive and involves individual negotiations and contracts.

Each beat’s sale comes with specific terms and conditions of use and license details, so it’s important to carefully review these before purchasing. Also, sales formats can vary by producer, so it’s crucial to check the policies of individual beats and producers.