Recreating a Song Made with Suno Using Udio


In recent years, with the advancement of AI technology, innovative methods have emerged in the field of music production. One such attempt is to combine multiple AIs to create entirely new songs.

Music Production Beyond AI Remixing

In traditional remixing, it is common to add new arrangements while retaining the characteristics of the original song. However, this new method takes an unprecedented and innovative approach where AI uses only a portion of the original song, and another AI generates the remaining parts.

Specifically, a song is first created using an AI called Suno. Next, the intro is cropped and passed to another AI called Udio, which generates the continuation. Furthermore, the part generated by Udio is removed from Suno’s intro, and Udio is asked to come up with a new intro. Finally, by adding an outro, a completely new song is completed.

New Creativity Without Traces of the Original Song

The songs produced by this method can be recognized as remixes, but if they are modified too much, they may go beyond the realm of remixing and be recognized as entirely different songs. The atmosphere and chord progression of the original song may remain, but the melody and arrangement will be completely different. In this way, by combining multiple AIs, the possibility of new music that surpasses human creativity is being opened up.

New Horizons of Music Through AI and Human Collaboration

Of course, music production by AI does not completely replace human creativity. Rather, there is a possibility that new musical expressions that have never been seen before will be born through the cooperation of AI and humans.

Based on the musical ideas generated by AI, human artists can further refine and add emotion to them, opening up new horizons of music through collaboration between AI and humans.

The use of AI in music production has only just begun. It can be said that this is a field where there are great expectations for how the creativity of AI and humans will merge and evolve in the future.

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