Running Out of Blog Topics: A Guide for Content Creators

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Running out of blog topics is an issue that many content creators face. This guide offers ways to find new ideas and repurpose existing content.

Ways to Find New Ideas


Look into other beatmaker and music production blogs, forums, and social media to see what topics are currently popular.

Community Feedback

Ask your readers or followers what they would like to read about.

Trending Topics

Writing about the latest trends in the music industry or related technologies can generate new ideas.

Personal Experience

Sharing your own music production process, lessons learned, or failures can provide value to your readers.

Related Genres/Techniques

In addition to beatmaking, you can cover related themes such as music theory, marketing, or equipment reviews.

Ways to Repurpose Existing Content

Updates and Reposting

Update old articles or add new information and repost them.


Create a series of articles on a single theme or issue.

Guest Posts

Invite industry experts or other beatmakers to write guest posts, offering new perspectives and information.

Q&A Sessions

Write articles in a Q&A format to answer questions from readers, or address frequently asked questions yourself.

Best-of/List Articles

List articles like ‘Top 10 Useful Beatmaking Techniques’ or ‘Recommended Music Production Books I Read This Year’ are easy to read and popular.


Writer’s block or running out of topics is temporary. Try the methods outlined above to find new inspiration.

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