Should Beat Titles Be in English or Japanese? Exploring the Pros and Cons

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In music production, especially in beatmaking, the title of a beat can be considered its face. For beatmakers and producers, choosing the language for a beat’s title is a surprisingly significant decision. This blog post will explore the advantages and disadvantages of titling beats in English and Japanese, aiming to ponder over the best choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of English Titles


  1. International Recognition: English, being a global language, can appeal to listeners and artists worldwide, potentially increasing the reach.
  2. Genre Affinity: In genres like Hip-Hop and EDM, which originated in English-speaking regions, English titles are commonplace and can enhance the genre’s vibe.


  1. Loss of Uniqueness: Titling in English might hinder the expression of Japan’s unique culture and sensibilities.
  2. Limitation in Expression: Japanese can convey subtle nuances absent in English, leading to potential limitations in expression.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Japanese Titles


  1. Cultural Identity: Japanese titles are apt for expressing Japan’s unique culture and sensibilities, highlighting originality.
  2. Appeal to Domestic Market: Japanese titles are more familiar to local listeners, potentially receiving a better reception in the domestic market.


  1. Barrier in International Market: For non-Japanese speaking international listeners and artists, Japanese titles might be less accessible.
  2. Complexity of Notation: Japanese notation, involving kanji, hiragana, and katakana, can be complex and hard to understand for non-speakers.


The decision to use English or Japanese for beat titles largely depends on the target market, the genre of the beat, and the creator’s identity. While English titling might be advantageous for targeting international markets, Japanese titling suits those valuing Japan’s unique culture and sensibilities. Ultimately, the creator’s intent and the beat’s individuality are the most crucial elements. Understanding the characteristics of both languages and making the best choice for your beat could be key to success.

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