Should I separate my activities based on different beat styles?

If you produce beats in a wide variety of styles, deciding whether or not to compartmentalize your activities is complex. Here’s a breakdown of factors to consider:


Clear Target Audience: Focusing on genres allows you to target specific music fans more easily.
Specialized Expertise: Delving deep into one genre lets you develop advanced knowledge and techniques.
Stronger Branding: Specialization differentiates you from other producers and aids in building a memorable brand.


Limited Reach: Restricting yourself to one genre potentially cuts off a wider audience.
Income Restrictions: Relying on a single niche makes you more vulnerable to shifts in the music industry.
Creative Stifling: Producing within the same style constantly can limit your creative exploration.

Decision Factors

Passion: What styles genuinely excite you and align with your natural strengths?
Goals: What do you hope to achieve with your music?
Market: Assess the size and competition within each of your genres.
Resources: Do you have the time and resources to effectively manage multiple projects/personas?


Fusion: Blend multiple styles together to create something truly unique.
Aliases: Adopt different names for different genres to express the full range of your work.
Project-Based: Treat each project as an opportunity to explore different styles, maintaining flexibility.


There’s no single answer to whether you should specialize or diversify. Weigh the pros, cons, alternatives, and your specific circumstances to make a well-informed decision.