The Beat of Self-Understanding: Music as a Journey to Inner Discovery.

Sometimes it’s hard to express your thoughts and feelings in words. That’s why I think music exists.

Music is more than just sound. It can shape those unspoken feelings and thoughts within you, putting them onto a beat. When you play an instrument or compose a song, you feel like you’re projecting yourself into it.

For example, when you channel emotions like anger, sadness, or joy into a beat, they transform into music. This inexpressible feeling is then conveyed to people through music, allowing you to discover unknown parts of yourself.

This is what it means to put your thoughts onto a beat and view them from a higher perspective. Through music, you can objectively examine who you are and what you’re feeling. Music can be a tool for deeply understanding yourself.

Looking at yourself from a higher perspective means observing yourself from outside, like looking down from a high place. By doing this, you can become aware of thoughts and emotions that you usually wouldn’t notice.

For instance, when you don’t know why you’re angry, turning it into music may reveal the cause of your anger. It’s a way to touch the deeper parts of yourself that are hard to probe with words alone.

This process is a form of self-discovery. It’s one way to understand who you are and what you’re feeling.

Turning your thoughts into a beat is a journey to understand yourself more deeply. Through music, you have the chance to discover unknown aspects of yourself and gain a deeper understanding.

So, try putting your thoughts onto a beat and view yourself from a higher perspective through it. You might see a side of yourself that you never knew existed. It could be a new discovery and a step towards self-understanding.


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